November 25, 2021

Blood donation Camp 25-11-2021

 SAC College is surprised

Our college's NSS & Redcross Institute is Sri Adichunchanagiri Hospital, B. G. City, Rotary Club Bangalore South & Rotary Club B. G. Blood donation camp was arranged in collaboration with the city. Inaugurated Sri Sat Keerthi Swamiji Camp at Shre Mutt. students & professors donated blood to the lives of blood affected by the covid situation. Dr. of Adi Chunchanagiri Hospital. Soma Shekhar, PRO Dharmendra, ROII Vasudev of Rotaryclub Bangalore, ROII Ramesh Babu, Roii Anand Kota & ROII Babu Nagendra Scout & Guides Officers Mohan Kumar Nayak, participated in the holy camp.