May 23, 2016


  • To develop physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual qualities of the students.
  • Upliftment of economically and socially backward class.
  • To prepare students to go for higher education.


  • To advance the course of education and diffusion of knowledge without distinction of caste and creed.
  • To continue as a distinguished institution fostering an atmosphere of nationalism, secular outlook, scientific temper with humanity, integrity and social concern.
  • To create human beings full of knowledge, love and respect for society, ready to serve the nation with sacrifice, universal brotherhood and to create an ideal human being.


  • Academic excellence
  • Dignity of an individual
  • Creating opportunities for all
  • Upholding values of honesty and integrity


  • To impart value-based education to the students.
  • To bring educational opportunities within the reach of the under privileged section of society.
  • To ensure participation of students in co-curricular and extra curricular activities for their balanced development.
  • To stimulate the teachers to continuously enrich the knowledge for the benefit of the students and for the well-being of society.
  • To provide infrastructural facilities for the benefits of the students and for the social development of the local community.
  • To encourage the students to aspire for higher achievements and help them unleash their latent abilities and realize their cherished goals.