May 25, 2016


The Department startedfunctioning in the year 2006. UG (B.Sc Physics) course was started in 2006-07academic year and the first batch passed out in 2009.                                                                     
Continued : 1. PMCs (physics , mathematics,computer science)
                     2. PCM (physics , chemistry,mathematics)

Effective Teaching Learning process, Empowerstudents mind with novel scientific ideas, Motivate students to pursue higherstudies in Physics, Develop research aptitude, Encourage  co -curricularand extra curricular activities, Build up leadership qualities , Inculcatevalues like dedication, social commitment , hard work, truthfulness, selfrespect,   respect for one another, team work …..
Thedepartment has  well equipped B.Sc  lab. B.Sc lab has verysophisticated instruments .  B.SC classes are ICT enabled with LCDprojectors, Internet connection  etc.  In addition to the generallibrary the department has a department library which offers the students morethan125 books which are  related to physics.
·        To Excel in Quality Based Science Education.
·        To provide acomprehensive undergraduate physics degree program.
·        To encourage facultyand student research.
·        To prepare studentsfor their future educational and career challenges Mission.
·        The Physicsdepartment in its curriculum and its student centered research projectsendeavors to fulfill the immediate and future needs and interests of a varietyof students.
·        The Departmentprovides a full spectrum of courses coupled with mentoring and researchopportunities are provided for physics
·        The Departmentprovides courses that enhance their skills.
·        Through engagement,innovation, partnering and synergy to advance our understanding of theatmosphere, its basic science and its application, for the benefits of all.