March 10, 2016

STRESS MANAGEMENT – AN OVERVIEW - Prof. Rajendra, Associate Professor of Commerce

                          - Rajendra, Associate  Professor 


Stress is a part of every body’s life. Problems at work place and social relationship, are the root cause of stress.
According to researchers, Stress is a physical, mental or emotional response to events that causes physical or mental tension.
Personal or professional elements spurs the stress. Personal stress is related to the personal life of an individual which is due to selfishness, greed, high aspirations, love, affection, commitments, responsibility and other human instincts.
Professional stress or job related stress is due to unable to accomplish assigned work may be because of lack of knowledge, target achievements, weak in communication, co-ordination and job security, etc.
Professional Causes for stress
1. Time management.
2. Level of expectations.
3. Work load.
4. Lack of knowledge and confidence.
5. Commuting.
6. Job security.
Personal causes for stress
1. Loneliness.
2. Unrealistic belief.
3. Excess pessimism.
4. Financial Problems.
5. Family Problems.

The above mentioned causes are just examples. But there are many other reasons which are either personal are external for human stress. Stress produces either negative or positive reactions. Stress is necessary for better performance while too much stress can be harmful.
       Effects of Stress
1. Headache. 7. High blood pressure.
2. Chest pain. 8. Diabetes.
3. Sleeping problem. 9. Anxiety.
4. Depression. 10. Lack of Concentration 
5. Restlessness. 11. Fast Heartbeat.
6. Fatigue. 12. Fast Breathing.

     Techniques to reduce the stress.
1. Plan your time.
2. Relax with deep breathing or meditation.
3. Eat healthy food and do exercise.
4. Avoid loneliness and be active.
5. Hearing music.
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